Tinseltown Toastmasters

What is a Toastmasters meeting like?



Toastmasters meetings vary in length from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 mins and run by a timed agenda. Our meetings are 1 hour, and consist of three basic parts:

Table Topics:

Table Topics provides members the opportunity to practice impromptu speaking. By answering brief topical questions, members learn how to present thoughts clearly and convincingly, with no more than a few seconds of preparation.  This is generally considered the most enjoyable and certainly the most challenging portion of the meeting.


Sample questions:


"If you could change one thing about Los Angeles, what would it be?”


"How has the internet changed your life?”


"Who has had the greatest influence on you in your lifetime?”

Prepared Speeches:

Members present speeches based on carefully organized projects from the Communication and Leadership Program. Manuals are supplied as a part of your joining fees.


A fellow member orally evaluates each prepared speech in a helpful, constructive manner. Valuable strengths of the speaker are highlighted while one or two constructive, attainable next steps are encouraged. The member that performs the evaluation improves his or her own listening and feedback skills greatly during this process.



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