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To speak to a live person about Tinseltown Toastmasters, email: Tinseltownmembership@gmail.com

Current Officers for 2017-18
President: Chelsea Randall

VP of Membership: David Nguyen

Treasurer: Scott Sawyer

Secretary: Alexandra Indaco-Heredia

Sgt. at Arms: Avi Roth

What are membership costs and how much does
it cost to join?

REGULAR ONGOING MEMBERSHIP FEE: The regular fee for membership to Tinseltown Toastmasters is $54.00 (now 63) for six months (due in October and April). This fee includes $45.00 to Toastmasters International and $18 for club fees = $63. Club fees vary from club to club due to calculated estimated costs of what it takes to run the club successfully, including materials for the meetings and meeting room rental.

ONE-TIME INITIAL JOINING FEE: The cost to join Tinseltown Toastmasters is an amount that is prorated depending on the month you join PLUS the club and international new member fee. Currently the club new member fee is $15.00 and International new member fee is $21.60 = $36.60. Your cost to join would be $36.60 PLUS the prorated fee for the club (calculated at $3.00 per month) and the prorated fee for International (calculated at $7.50 per month). If you join in June, you will pay $36.60 PLUS ($30.00 International prorated fee ($7.50x4) PLUS ($12.00 Club prorated fee ($3.00x4) = $42. Below is a chart of how much it costs to join depending on the month you join:

Oct or April: $99.60 - 6 months
Nov or May: $89.10 - 5 months
Dec or June: $78.60 - 4 months
Jan or July: $68.10 - 3 months
Feb or August: $57.60 - 2 months
March or September: $47.10 - 1 month only

Renewing club members pay $63.00 each 6 month period.

Please note: we accept CASH or CHECK, and credit cards.  There is an additional fee


For dues breakdown:

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Are there other clubs in the area?

Yes, there are toastmasters clubs not only all over Los Angeles, but all over the world. To find other clubs you may want to visit – please ask us to see if we can recommend one that may suit your needs.
It is important you choose a club that you will want to attend each time they meet, location is a primary factor in most people’s choice. If the meeting is close to work or home and at a convenient time, the more often you attend and the faster you will progress.


Also for more clubs in California –www.tmdistrictone.org
Or globally – www.toastmasters.org

New Location: Original Farmer's Market

6333 West 3rd Street



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