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Tinseltown Toastmasters Bylaws


"There's a difference between interest and commitment.  When you are interested in doing something you do it only when circumstances allow.  
When you are committed to something - you accept no excuses, only results."


These Club Bylaws were established by the Tinseltown Toastmasters committee in order to foster excellence in the club meeting quality and to benefit each member as well as the club as a whole.

  1. Any member that misses 2 consecutive meetings, membership will be placed ON HOLD until they attend at least TWO meetings consecutively. The member cannot deliver speeches or take on major roles, unless as a back up speaker or if a role is available at the last minute.  We provide an area in the sign up sheet for any future absent dates. Notifying us in advance on the sign up will prevent you from being put on hold.
  2. Members that do not find a replacement for their assigned role or simply are a NO SHOW will be taken off one future speaking and major role assignment. We expect all members to be responsible. 
  3. All members are encouraged to take ALL ROLES – WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING MEMBERS THAT WANT TO GIVE PREPARED SPEECHES ONLY. Toastmasters International believes each role teaches a specific skill to improve speaking skills – all roles are valuable.
  4. We reserve the right to charge a $10.00 late fee for late payment of membership dues – Tinseltown reserves the right to designate the late fee date.  

Last updated: Janruary 12, 2012



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